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Take OutLook Express For Example
1. Select the e-mail you concern in your OutLook. Right click and view Properties

2. In the Details tab, you will view the header of the mail

3. Mail from Hotmail :

Every email sent directly from a Hotmail account or other special mail server contains the "X-originating-IP" or "X-Sender-Ip" in the message headers. This number indicates the IP address (or the specific computer ID) the person was using at the time they sent the email.

X-originating-IP: [] The is
4. Mail from Other E-mail providers.

Mails from other service do not have a line X-originating-IP: []. But there should be several "received" lines in the e-mail headers. These lines indicate the routing ways of the mail from the sender to your ISP. The most valuable information you have is in that LAST "Received:" line. Usually the ip address after"from" is the sender's ip address.

Other Mail Client :
Netscape Mail:
Once in the Netscape Mail program, hit the Toolbar option labeled VIEW, then select from the scroll down menu HEADERS and then ALL, and all headers are sent.

Eudora has a 'Blah Blah Blah' button in the top of each received message which needs to be clicked to see full headers. Just click the button and then forward the message, and all headers are sent.

Then use WhereIsIP to find the geographic location from the ip address, Enjoy the pleasure of discovery.

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