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Users Testimonials

Product: BadCopy Pro

 One word: Brilliant!, My old CD-R has a nice big, deep scratch across it. Windows won't read the files. Yet somehow, BadCopy copied them straight off! If you need files off a dead floppy/CD, then this is the one and only program you should need. (Andrew Jones, from CA, US)
 Thank you very much for your prompt response. Your product works great, and was a life saver for my friend. I would recommend it to anyone who has issues with recovering a file from a disk. (Eric Walker)
Product: DocRepair

 Congratulations on the excellent product "Docrepair"! You guys have saved me and our project team lots of time and money. (J. Lawrence, Lowell, MA, US)
 A large word document won't open and kept telling "the document name or file path is not valid". Your software worked like a charm. The paper is due tomorrow, docrepair program is really a lifesaver. I appreciate it and I will definitely recommend and use your products in the future!! (Debra Ward, Gloucester, UK)

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