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  Jufsoft - Products - BadCopy Pro - User Testimonials
BadCopy Pro - User Testimonials - Page 1
Almost every day, we receive comments from happy customers regarding their successful floppy, CD/DVD, digital flash card, zip disk data recovery cases. We're so glad and encouraged that our product can benefit so many people - saving their data, time and more.

Feel free to share your story with us!

 One word: Brilliant!, My old CD-R has a nice big, deep scratch across it. Windows won't read the files. Yet somehow, BadCopy copied them straight off! If you need files off a dead floppy/CD, then this is the one and only program you should need. (Andrew Jones, from CA, US)
 Works great, only with several minutes, it restored a corrupt floppy and save several files perfectly. (Dave Brondsema, from NY, US)
 If you were involved in writing "BadCopy", I want to tell you that you did an amazing job, it has succeeded in getting back my half a year's work from one floppy disk -- an important zip file and some word docs. (Michael D Handeland, from London, UK)
 I want to say a big 'thank-you' for a superb piece of software. I beta test software for Rose City (tweakmaster etc) and I have to say that I tried about 4 other shareware solutions to recovering this data before I found BadCopy Pro. The data I was trying to recover was the result of over 3 months of hard work on a spreadsheet that one of my friends had (stupidly) carried around on a floppy (no backup and no hard-drive replica) in his truck to and from work. I guess that it sat beside the speakers a little too long one day and the 'FAT got smoked' (sounds like a joke). I have to tell you that at the moment he discovered that the disk would no longer read in his PC he would have gladly cut off his right arm to get it back. Glad to say that wasn't necessary as your program pulled the whole thing back together and we managed to completely rebuild the spreadsheet and recover all the many hours of hard work in about an hour - the recovery took 5 minutes then I had to compare the versions it recovered to discover the 'full' one. Worth every penny of the $40 and I have no doubt I will use it again as I am a User Support Analyst and often see this sort of corruption... (Nigel Forge)
 I bought BadCopy. The designer of this software deserves his weight in gold. I lost a full CDR with 499 MB of precious photos of a wedding. I will never know what has happened but no system was able to read the CD and I lost all hope, until I read something aboud BadCopy on a comptermagazine web-forum. I bought it and it worked. Absolutely fantastic This is what I call, value for money!!! Keep me posted for update/upgrades. I'll buy it anyway. (Rob van Rooijen, from Netherlands)
 You have saved me from hours and hours of work and possible failing grades. Other companies asked anywhere from $50-$250, and 4-7 day turn around time for this kind of restoration. I'll be sure to reccommend BadCopy Pro to anyone with this sort of disk failure in the future! (David Addison, Arizona University)
 Just another note to thank you for your help with these disks. You are right ... there was a lot of damage to them, but your program has helped as much as possible, and there is enough recovered to help us with re-creating the work. I will pass on your software name and web site to anyone who asks about software and program recovery, as I think you have a great product here. (Steve Joblin)
 I was referred to your software by customer assistance staff at Microsoft. BadCopy Pro solved my problem beautifully, Thank you very much. I do appreciate. (Rick)
 Thank you very much for your prompt response. Your product works great, and was a life saver for my friend. I would recommend it to anyone who has issues with recovering a file from a disk. (Eric Walker)
 Thanks very much indeed, you have saved my life. God bless you. (Daniel Uzcategui, Venezuela)
 Thanks, I downloaded it, purchased a key, used it and it recovered my bookmark.html file. It worked fine. I'm a satisfied customer. (Robert Paredez, Los Angeles)
 Best $39.95 I've spent for a long time!!! This tool saved a project for me that would have had $40 as a rounding error! One thing - the progress dialog when you save the recovered file needs to show something. I recovered a 650MB image file and when it didn't record any progress when written although it worked ok. Thanks very much for an excellent tool. (Graham Welland)
 I just wanted to tell you that I will recommend you software to all my friends. It is one of the first times that I (as a frequent buyer of shareware) haven't thought to myself, "I wish I hadn't paid for this." BadCopy Pro work perfectly, the first time and every time. Thanks for making a product that's functional and reasonable priced! (M. Cordero.)
 Most of the detail we need is readable. I would recommend your software and services in the future. (Mr. P. Hall)
 Thanks for the assistance. The colleague whose time was spent doing the original dat entry has just gone home extremely happy that the 552 records are present (formatting etc can be sorted more quickly than wholesale re-entry). (Mike Anderson, UK)
 Yes, it's another letter of deepest gratitude! "Please" let it go to your heads! I arrived home this evening to find my daughter in tears. Apparently, her semester's worth of writing projects were all contained on a single "un-backed up" floppy, which had gone bad. "Both FAT 1 and FAT 2" were gone. What to do, what to do. After a quick check disk, and a poke at the Command prompt level only to be told that the disk was un-formatted, I did a quick search on Google. Your site came up first (kudos to your web guys/gals) downloaded your software and "File Mode 2" did the trick, 10 files, that all looked about the correct size. (Tom Lahey)
 Just a small note to thank you for your excellent program. We bought your program a few weeks ago to assist with the frequent problem of corrupted disks and it has saved a lot of heartache for students with ruined floppies. Thanks again and keep up the good work. (Richard Austin)

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