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  Jufsoft - Products - BadCopy Pro - ZIP Disk Data Recovery

BadCopy Pro - Iomega Zip Disk, MO, JAZ Disk Data Recovery and File Recovery

badcopy - floppy disk recovery and cd  cdr cdrw file recovery
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iomega zip disk data recovery
BadCopy Pro is fully automatic and powerful Zip data recovery software that recovers corrupted, lost, deleted, and formatted data from Iomega Zip disks, Jaz or MO disks, and more. The software supports data recovery and file recovery from 100 MB, 250 MB, 750 MB or other Zip disks.

The software works for Microsoft Windows platform and it's very easy to use. BadCopy Pro is a safe data recovery software that performs read-only operations on your source Zip disk and saves the recovered files to the location you specified.

Zip disk: A high-capacity floppy disk drive developed by Iomega Corporation. Zip disks are slightly larger than conventional floppy disks, and about twice as thick. They can hold 100, 250 MB or more of data. Because they're relatively inexpensive and durable, they have become a popular media for backing up hard disks and for transporting large files. "Iomega", "Zip" are the trademarks of Iomega Corporation

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