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  Jufsoft - Products - BadCopy Pro - More User Testimonials
BadCopy Pro - User Testimonials - Page 2
 Whatever frustration I had was more than offset by the effectiveness of your recovery ware. It worked like a charm to save a lost document I'd been working on for weeks to present to our prosecutor's office, for purpose of trying to do something about a contractor who took off with my money. I'd worked on the document for 10 -15 days, then it disappeared! I didn't have time to rethink and rewrite it, so your software saved the day. (Cal Calumet)
 That's wonderful! I can't thank you enough! And so quick too. If you want a testimonial for your excellent services please just ask. Many, many thanks. (Chris Faulkner Gibson, England)
 I had copied one year of photos to a CD, which I could not read anymore. Found your software on the web and was delighted on how you could "test drive" before buying! It worked great!!! By far one of the best software application I have ever purchased.(Joe Keegan)
 wow, it worked perfectly - thank you so much! (Diarmuid)
 Thank you again...this worked and I am able to use it as a Word file now. The format change eliminated all apostrophes and quotation marks, however, so I've got my work cut out for me! A small price to pay, I guess. (James)
 Thankyou for such professional service in receiving the Badcopypro registration.
The whole process was great. I downloaded the test software ran the program, found my 53 photos (the camera shop only found 22 with their software) and during the process bought the software and registered it without re-running the scan program. I have saved my photos and I am a very happy and impressed customer. Again Thankyou. (Vicki)
 Just wanted to drop you a line about the subject product. I have purchased two other products that claimed to retrieve data from damaged direct CD disks, and both failed miserably on a CD I really wanted to retrieve the data from. Your product worked perfectly and retrieved every piece of data I had saved. I thought the floppy disk retrieval portion was a nice added feature but thought I'd never use it. Well I accidentally deleted all files on a floppy I needed and your program worked again flawlessly. What is really amazing is it is so incredibly small and so powerful. Thanks so much for this fine product. (Dave Tipton)
 Your software enabled me to pull another "rabbit out of a hat" today! I am becoming a legend in my own mind ;) It is not that often that I get excited about software. Feel free to use my comments. (Sam Norris)
 I was able to successfully recover all files. This program is outstanding. (Phil Fletcher)
 Thanks again - you guys are extremely supportive. Not a commonality in today's world. (Glen Lazarus)
 To the programming team that developed BadCopy Pro. Thank you. Best $40.00 I have spent in some time. I work at a computer school that has about 250 lab and staff computers. Ever since we upgraded to Windows 2000, we have had frequent floppy disk failures. From my personal experience, I have taken a new disk, copied data on it in one computer, moved it to another, where the OS said the disk was not formatted, or it failed to read al all-nor would it read in the original drive. Here to fore, recovery was difficult. Some of the tools I have allow the disk to be accessed in raw format. I had to find the data, carve it out into a new file, losing all the format. Not an elegant solution. We have, as yet, not been able to determine what W2K dislikes about certain floppies. Bad Copy Pro, in its lowest level recovery, does the trick. It even turned out to be a useful tool in the classes I teach.
 That was exactly what I was needing. Thanks for making such an easy to work with product! Have a great day. (Keith)
 I just want to let you know that I did retrieve the original CD, and was able to recover the file!!!!!! It was a very important file, and I was extremely happy to be able to recover it. You truly have a great product. Thank you! (Darryl Dinson)
 you guys are really on the ball ... and have a great product, to-boot! (barbara)
 the file you have returned to me is a GOOD recovery. This has solved our problem. Thanks very much for your help. (Paddy)
 I did get it and it worked beautifully. Thank you so much. (Angel St-Aubin)
 THANKS! I am very impressed and will spread the word about your program. (Nigel Forge)

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