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BadCopy Pro - CD/DVD Data Recovery Software

BadCopy Pro is the leading data recovery software that recovers corrupted or lost data from CD-ROMs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVD+R/Ws, and DVD-R/Ws. BadCopy Pro supports both inaccessible and damaged CD data recovery.

badcopy - floppy disk recovery and cd  cdr cdrw file recovery
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BadCopy Pro provides the following solutions

  •  Recovers data from scratched, damaged, or defective discs.
  •  Recovers corrupted and unreadable files from discs.
  •  Recovers lost files or folders from CD+R/Ws, DVD+RWs, and DVD-RWs.
  •  Recovers data from CD-R/RWs and DVDs due to burning problems.
  •  Recovers data from multi-session, UDF, and ISO9660 CDs.
  •  Recovers data from drag-drop software for burning disks, such as DirectCD and InCD.
  •  Recovers deleted files from CD-R/Ws.
  •  Recovers data from quick-formatted discs.
     Note: quick-erased discs cannot be restored.

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